Cupcake's Corner

Cupcake has been clowning for 25 years.  She started a Party Service in Yuma, Arizona as the result of a suggestion by her eldest son.  The customers requested clowns to go with the Carnival Games and “Cupcake” was born.

Clown Education
·          Private lessons from Earl Chaney, renowned Ringling Bros. clown
·          Clown Camp On The Road
·          20 years of continuing classes with WRCA

·           World Clown Association, which carries her liability insurance
·          Clowns of America, International
·          The Western Region Clown Assoc. of which she is Past President and                   currently holds the office of Educational Director
·          Lifetime member and founder of the Clowns of Yuma AZ.  (C’YA)

Contact:  Luralea Wheeler * Roseburg, Oregon * (541) 530-1517